QGit 2.7

Released on 2017-02-25


Andrey Rahmatullin (1):
  • Fix some spelling errors reported by lintian.
Cornelus Le Roux (1):
  • Fix error message spelling
Cristian Tibirna (12):
  • Add Pavel Karelin to the contributors list
  • Solve 3 'switch’ warnings with suggestion from Pavel Karelin
  • Add Zane Bitter to the list of contributors
  • Merge remote-tracking branch 'haschke/master’
  • Avoid a pedantic warning (comma at end of enum)
  • Comment out unused (for now) variable isTag
  • Menu item “Checkout” spawns a dialog, thus requires ellipsis
  • Add too long forgotten Robert Haschke to the credits
  • Merge pull request #2 from cornelusleroux/master
  • Add latest authors
  • Use static_cast<> to avoid implicit cast warnings
  • Version 2.7
Luigi Toscano (2):
  • Fix libpng warning about an incorrect sRGB profile
  • Add desktop and appdata file on UNIX systems
Pavel Karelin (9):
  • Close the output window by clicking “Enter”
  • Commit the changes when press the shortcut <Ctrl+Enter> in commit message field
  • Correct display of messages in output window when GIT use non english language.
  • Fix converting to unicode when creating temporary files for diff-utilities
  • Fix warnings
  • Fixed display of non-latin characters when the project built with Qt4
  • Now the project can be builded with using QBS build system.
  • inputdialog : Fix warning “value has incomplete type” when the project built with Qt4
  • Added shortcut '@' for call 'Amend’ action
Robert Haschke (33):
  • CMakeLists.txt: cleanup, build both Qt4 and Qt5 (default)
  • re-enable codec settings
  • mark detached HEAD
  • basic commit command
  • specify widgets like this: <widget_type>:<widget name>=<default value>
  • Travis CI config
  • store ref name right-clicked on in ListView
  • finished checkout
  • cleanup
  • InputDialog: allow completion and validation of ref names
  • InputDialog: token starting with '_’ will suppress label
  • use new InputDialog for create branch/tag dialogs
  • InputDialog: listbox widget
  • generalize ActDelete
  • remove obsolete utility functions
  • renamed dialog_variables → revision_variables
  • group all branches in context menu
  • cleanup action menus
  • use new InputDialog for custom actions
  • improved current branch handling
  • use stored options settings for loading repo
  • merge branches 'fix-startup-range’ and 'external-editor’
  • retain Qt4 compatibility
  • correctly enable/disable action “Delete ref...”
  • fix 'diff to’ function
  • added context action ActMarkDiffToSha to advertize this feature
  • set lastRefName base on mouse press/release events
  • correctly display “detached” label also when branch names exist on sha
  • checkout existing branch without warning when it doesn’t require reset
  • suppress spurious warning
  • remove remote branches silently
  • allow committing of MERGE_HEADs
  • auto-activate log or diff tab when selection changed in revs list vs. filelist
Solomon Peachy (1):
  • Add the ability to bring a file up in an editor.
Zane Bitter (2):
  • Use correct log format for unapplied StGit patches
  • Fix indentation