QGit 2.6

Released on 2016-03-19


Cristian Tibirna (22):
  • various items issued from today’s analysis
  • Qt5: widgets are now in a plugin, require special qmake config
  • Qt5: toAscii() is now deprecated. Use toLatin1()
  • Qt5: QAbstractItemModel::reset() is now deprecated
  • Qt5: QAbstractItemModel::createIndex()
  • Qt5: codecForCStrings() is removed
  • Qt5: Qt::escape() is now deprecated. Use QString::toHtmlEscaped()
  • Qt5: qApp→arg{c,v} are now removed.
  • Qt5: QHeaderView::setResizeMode() is removed now
  • Qt5: QKeySequence doesn’t convert to int anymore
  • QMimeData header required
  • accomodate situations when .git is a “symlink”. Thanks Søren Holm <>!
  • fix gitDir extraction broken by previous commit
  • Qt5 requires adding 'widgets’ explicitely
  • ignore the first commandline argument (name of the command)
  • Fix UTF8 support for author shortlog, longlog etc.
  • qt version-agnostic html escaping for some strings
  • Merge remote-tracking branch 'redivivus/master’ into compile_with_qt5
  • toAscii() → toLatin1() (was introduced from master with merge)
  • Merge branch 'master’ into compile_with_qt5
  • Add more contributors to 'About...'
  • Version 2.6
Daniel Levin (1):
  • determine Rev log end by first '\0’
Gregor Mi (4):
  • add CMakeLists to also build with cmake
  • ignore dolphin and kate files
  • fix CMakeLists.txt to include resources (icons)
  • convert line endings from DOS to unix
Luigi Toscano (3):
  • Include QDataStream, fix Qt5 compilation
  • cmake: install the generated qgit executable
  • Fix recent action menu (Qt5 porting bug)
Sbytov N.N (1):
  • fix error calculate length log for revision=“working directory” when 'git status’ return non-latin message