Version 2.5

Released on 2012-09-20.


Chris OBryan (1):
  • Make tree-view sort locale aware
Cristian Tibirna (12):
  • un-deprecation and cleanup
  • realign contributors addition (waiting for whitespace cleanup)
  • Add Tim Blechmann to contributors.
  • refactorings (FileHistory and Git classes)
  • sed/working dir/working directory/ and regenerate the help.h file
  • fix issue #20 (line numbers in file view were misaligned)
  • remove unused struct
  • avoid choking on git trace
Tim Blechmann (5):
  • get foreground color from palette
  • revision list: change label text color
  • better more readable colors with dark color scheme
  • patch view: modify colors to improve readability on black background
  • color scheme integration: fix one further instance of hardly readable text