This “emergency” release, done on 2011-11-30, was meant to fix a few showstoppers.


Cristian Tibirna (9):
  • fix off by one (or many) when unix epoch date is shorter than 10
  • remove some compile warnings
  • make graph display cleaner
  • fix compile warnings
  • patch from openSUSE to choose the right directory
  • spelling (childs → children)
  • fix a compiler warning
  • add contributors
Cyp (2):
  • Fix alignment of annotations/line numbers with source.
  • Add “GNU source-highlight not installed” to Source highlight button tooltip, if not installed.
James McKaskill (1):
  • Fix crash on windows when filtering a blame by a range of lines.
Jean-François Dagenais (2):
  • disable external diff tool when invoking git diff internally
  • Update deprecated usage of “git repo-config”
Marco Costalba (10):
  • Class Domain needs a virtual destructor
  • Fix view of a file changed in working dir under Windows
  • Add a separator in context sub menu
  • Revert “common.h: slightly reduced memory usage of RevFile”
  • Teach sha line edit to resolve references too
  • Fix previous patch to reenable navigation history
  • Save commit message before to commit
  • Do not translate zero sha in log title
  • Fix “Save patch...” when selected directory name has spaces
  • Fix “Save patch...” wrong revision order
Markus Heidelberg (14):
  • Immediately evaluate the ProgramFiles environment variable
  • Don’t count the submenu entries for checking if it is empty
  • Correctly count the entries in the revs context menu
  • Avoid submenus with merely 1 entry
  • Create a separate submenu for tags
  • Fix two typos in the “Toggle filter by tree” tooltip
  • Remove the extra margin from the revision view
  • Remove unused enum for key bindings
  • Fix compiler warning due to ambiguous 'else’
  • Print HEAD instead of Head for the current branch in the status line
  • Remove non-working shortcut key 'f’ for “Toggle filter by tree”
  • Give the context menu for disabling the toolbar a title
  • Fix “Save as...” for a file changed in the working dir
  • Make the tooltips of the two search buttons more readable
Pavel Tikhomirov (6):
  • Merge remote-tracking branches 'dagenaisj/master’ and 'jmckaskill/master’ into repos
  • Remove some qDebug code warnings
  • Some qDebug macros fixed
  • refs #13 Graph style modified
  • refs #18 Create tag fix
  • Offset for context menu for revision list
Tim Blechmann (1):
  • common.h: slightly reduced memory usage of RevFile