# Date Author Comment
be558787 2017-02-25 19:57 Cristian Tibirna

Version 2.7

896aed4f 2017-02-25 19:07 Cristian Tibirna

Use static_cast<> to avoid implicit cast warnings

72f91660 2017-02-25 18:16 Cristian Tibirna

Add latest authors

ace03cf5 2017-02-25 18:12 Luigi Toscano

Add desktop and appdata file on UNIX systems

Install the icon used by the desktop file

dcec8c56 2017-02-25 18:12 Luigi Toscano

Fix libpng warning about an incorrect sRGB profile

Clean up the metadata of the image with the command:
$ pngcrush -ow -rem allb -reduce configure.png

This removes the unneeded old profiles, including the faulty one
which produces 'iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile’.

f7178526 2017-02-25 18:12 Andrey Rahmatullin

Fix some spelling errors reported by lintian.

Patch from the Debian package.

6d9b719f 2017-01-23 18:43 Cristian Tibirna

Merge pull request #2 from cornelusleroux/master

Fix error message spelling

ad0e94ca 2017-01-12 17:16 Cornelus Le Roux

Fix error message spelling

When opening a nonexistent directory from the recently used repositories list,
the error message contained a spelling mistake.
Bug report:

c49430c7 2016-10-23 19:35 Cristian Tibirna

Add too long forgotten Robert Haschke to the credits

727033d3 2016-10-23 19:13 Pavel Karelin

Added shortcut '@' for call 'Amend’ action

2a2e59f3 2016-10-23 19:13 Pavel Karelin

inputdialog : Fix warning “value has incomplete type” when the project built with Qt4

For smart-pointer QSharedPointer (Qt4 implementation) the type of the object of possession
shall be completely defined

bb1914ca 2016-10-23 19:12 Pavel Karelin

Now the project can be builded with using QBS build system.

Tested on Linux (GCC 4.8.4) for Qt 4.8.6 and for Qt 5.6.1

bfdf92b5 2016-10-09 07:59 Pavel Karelin

Fixed display of non-latin characters when the project built with Qt4

b6592ac1 2016-08-23 01:16 Cristian Tibirna

Menu item “Checkout” spawns a dialog, thus requires ellipsis

571880e1 2016-08-23 01:01 Cristian Tibirna

Comment out unused (for now) variable isTag

ccb3a74f 2016-08-23 01:01 Cristian Tibirna

Avoid a pedantic warning (comma at end of enum)

5adab86e 2016-08-23 00:52 Cristian Tibirna

Merge remote-tracking branch 'haschke/master’

9f79cfb0 2016-08-22 11:20 Cristian Tibirna

Add Zane Bitter to the list of contributors

694d3f1a 2016-08-22 10:38 Cristian Tibirna

Solve 3 'switch’ warnings with suggestion from Pavel Karelin

537fd3b1 2016-08-22 10:31 Zane Bitter

Fix indentation

A mixture of tabs and spaces rendered the indentation ambiguous with tab
stops set to 8. This change replaces the spaces with tabs for consistency.

Signed-off-by: Zane Bitter <>

1c6e0dbc 2016-08-22 10:30 Zane Bitter

Use correct log format for unapplied StGit patches

The commit 3a7141cb1db2a3911703915845b18a057c9b1cad added the committer
information to the git log format for the main tree, and changed the
parsing code to expect it, but neglected to also change the format for...

d6266a9d 2016-08-05 10:21 Pavel Karelin

Fix warnings

e8343276 2016-08-05 10:13 Cristian Tibirna

Add Pavel Karelin to the contributors list

eec2d09e 2016-08-05 10:09 Pavel Karelin

Fix converting to unicode when creating temporary files for diff-utilities

d219279e 2016-08-05 10:06 Pavel Karelin

Correct display of messages in output window when GIT use non english language.

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