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77fa2823 2012-09-20 09:27 Cristian Tibirna

sed/working dir/working directory/ and regenerate the help.h file

9b5c02f0 2009-03-12 12:14 Marco Costalba

Document new “make branch” feature

Signed-off-by: Marco Costalba <>

e8b5c63a 2009-02-07 04:49 Eduardo Morales

Added Mac Os X build support

Signed-off-by: Marco Costalba <>

0e32dc20 2008-08-31 10:18 Marco Costalba

Document search and highlight feature

Also document the new abbreviated sha search shortcut
introduced with previous patch.

Signed-off-by: Marco Costalba <>

8ceab66f 2008-08-19 06:34 Marco Costalba

Clean up VC++ 2008 files

Rewrite the solution and project files to be better
integrated in the build process.

Also specify that we are using a custom build (qmake based)
and update the documentation to help the Windows developer
starting hacking without too much trouble....

ee394b0b 2008-03-20 20:49 Jan Hudec

Add ability to commit --amend

Introduces separate menu entry to commit --amend. The dialog is the same, but
calls commit --amend rather than just commit in the end. The stg refresh is
moved here. The menu entry is always available, because user might just want...

8983fb9e 2008-01-02 13:00 Marco Costalba

Rename “external patch viewer” in “external diff tool”

More consistent with git documentation.

Signed-off-by: Marco Costalba <>

011dc100 2007-07-18 19:20 Marco Costalba

Big file permissions fixup

Restore 100644 mode an all files. Broken by
importing directly from Windows environment.

Signed-off-by: Marco Costalba <>

c44ab9eb 2007-07-02 00:37 Marco Costalba

Document new “revision description in tooltip” feature

Also update required Qt to 4.3

Signed-off-by: Marco Costalba <>

eefd35bd 2007-06-23 08:34 Marco Costalba

Update documentation to new 'git log’ interface

1fe8ecc6 2007-06-10 06:05 Marco Costalba


First published release of this new Qt4 thing.

Signed-off-by: Marco Costalba <>

26612a5c 2007-05-24 12:36 Marco Costalba

Navigation keys 'i’, 'n’ and 'k’ have now global scope

This allows navigation to the parent ('n’, 'k’) and
child ('i’) revisions from everywhere, as example from patch view,
without switching to main view tab.

Refer to the handbook (F1) for a complete list of shortcut keys....

456e4f73 2007-05-24 12:36 Marco Costalba

Rename 'format patch’ also in documentation

Signed-off-by: Marco Costalba <>

a92a22cd 2007-05-11 11:08 Marco Costalba

Documentation update: installation under Windows

Update README file to clarify some points for Windows installation.

Signed-off-by: Marco Costalba <>

380a769e 2007-04-22 03:33 Marco Costalba

Add an installation note on correct qmake to use

Testing a clean installation I found myself confused about this,
so better safe then sorry.

Signed-off-by: Marco Costalba <>

738063eb 2007-04-21 17:07 Marco Costalba

Fix argument list overflow in repositories with a lot of tags

From git tree revision 61e56c882 of 23 April 2006:

This is a fix for a problem reported by Jim Radford where an argument
list somewhere overflows on repositories with lots of tags. In fact...

15c1e8fc 2007-04-17 11:12 Marco Costalba

Add support for hiding removed lines in patch viewer

With a new 'filter’ tool button in patch viewer it is
now possible to toggle the display of patch removed lines.

This improves patch reading in some cases.

Signed-off-by: Marco Costalba <>

6d949440 2007-03-11 08:17 Marco Costalba

Add support for toggling description header

Form 'View→Show header info’ menu or 'h’ key shortcut it is now
possible to toggle revision description header in left bottom
pane in main view so to save some screen vertical space.

Signed-off-by: Marco Costalba <>

9a9e11f9 2007-01-12 12:27 Marco Costalba

Easy Windows installation

Although not strictly necessary install qgit in git
directory so to easy setup and starting.

Also teach qmake to generate a launching script to
set correct PATH before to start the application. It’s
up to the user create a link on the desktop to this .bat...

cf52758a 2006-12-28 05:22 Marco Costalba

Big Cr/Lf cleanup (files where edited on Windows)

Also added some doc files.

Signed-off-by: Marco Costalba <>