qgit-2.7 released (4 comments)

Added by Cristian Tibirna about 1 year ago

The latest maintenance release of QGit is now available.

Following requests from interested developers, I added a github mirror for the management of the source code. Please feel free to use the github infrastructures pull requests.

The official git repository continues to be maintained.

I try to follow the issues reported both on the official site and on github. I believe for now I still prefer the official site. Thanks for your support and understanding.

qgit-2.6 released (3 comments)

Added by Cristian Tibirna about 2 years ago

Thanks to friendly pressure from Luigi Toscano (hi, Luigi!), I finally decided to move my sorry self a bit and release the 2.6 version of qgit.

I decided to make compilation with Qt5 the default, since it is now OK and since all pending issues (e.g. strange lack of refresh on first load) seem to be fixed thanks to improvements in the latest Qt5 libraries.

Many thanks to contributors Gregor Mi, Daniel Levin, and Luigi Toscano.

The latest version is now available from the official git repository (master branch). (NOTE: those who followed the old “compile_with_qt5” branch, please use “master” now).

Get the latest version from the repository or from this local copy (MD5 check: a2778d09b19f2036259607c8db125b3a).

Happy gittin’, everyone.

QGit code compiles now with Qt5 (3 comments)

Added by Cristian Tibirna about 5 years ago

Today I ported the QGit code base to Qt5. Here are the few issues that needed solving.

This required 4 hours of work (including the time to compile the latest Qt5 git clone).

The work of the Qt5 team is absolutely marvelous when it comes to backward compatibility. I am especially grateful for the excellent documentation. Granted, the QGit codebase is rather small, but anyways, the porting effort was minimal (and definitely easy). This is also a tribute to the good coding practices used by M. Costalba and our past and current collaborators.

The ported code is available from the official git repository, in the branch compile_with_qt5.

qgit-2.5 released (4 comments)

Added by Cristian Tibirna over 5 years ago

The version 2.5 of qgit is now available.

You can fetch it from our main repository (direct link) or from the local copy (md5 checksum 0e70fc4468b060ab042933497f6a6f3c).

This is another quick-fix release:
- Chris OBryan fixed the sorting of the tree-view with non-latin locales;
- Tim Blechmann contributed a better support for dark GUI color schemes;
- the annoying bug of off-sync line numbers in the annotation file view is now gone.

As usual, for a full development history, see

qgit-2.4 released (4 comments)

Added by Cristian Tibirna over 6 years ago

On 2011-11-30, I announced the availability of QGit-2.4.

Download is here (md5 checksum 86143bf5aff57c9c039433b1bcff4e6e).

This quick-fix version fixes a few urgent issues:

  • a parsing bug that broke shortlogs for dates before 2001-08;
  • incompatibility with the latest git version (repo-config command was still used internally, although deprecated since git-1.5.4)

I also cleanup up a bit the graphic display in the main log list.

Also, the development history is available at


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