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Toggle check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
43FeatureNewNormalmove tab close button to tab handles2016-09-07 11:56
39FeatureNewNormalImplement CMake build system support2016-01-15 01:58
35FeatureNewNormalOpen folder in file manager with QGit2014-02-21 12:51
34FeatureNewNormalMark HEAD explicitelyCristian Tibirna2013-08-14 13:53
32FeatureNewNormalCompress display of too large tags or branchesCristian Tibirna2018-02-02 14:27
31FeatureNewNormalShow SHA and contents of annotated tagsCristian Tibirna2013-03-27 12:57
29FeatureNewNormalDans la fenêtre montrant un commit les icônes "up_diff" et "down_diff" cachent une partie du message de commit...Cristian Tibirna2012-09-21 09:58
28FeatureNewNormalcommit displayCristian Tibirna2012-08-16 09:56
27FeatureNewNormalnew diff and annotate displaysCristian Tibirna2018-02-02 14:30
26FeatureNewNormalnew log displayCristian Tibirna2012-08-16 09:27
25FeatureNewNormalbranches displayCristian Tibirna2012-08-16 09:27
24FeatureNewNormalstatus displayCristian Tibirna2012-08-16 09:26
23FeatureNewNormalrepo (welcome) displayCristian Tibirna2012-08-16 09:26
21FeatureNewNormalCheck all or none files in commit dialogCristian Tibirna2012-08-16 08:50
18FeatureNewNormalSort right-click context menu alphabetically2011-12-27 09:43
14FeatureNewNormalsort logview by timeCristian Tibirna2011-12-04 13:43
13FeatureNewNormalUse color pallette for revision treeCristian Tibirna2011-12-04 13:35
12FeatureNewNormalRevamped Settings dialogCristian Tibirna2011-12-04 13:33
8FeatureNewNormalSupport management or remotesCristian Tibirna2012-08-16 08:53
7FeatureNewNormalSupport for removing a branchCristian Tibirna2012-08-16 08:53
6FeatureNewNormalSupport for cloneCristian Tibirna2012-08-16 08:54
1FeatureIn ProgressNormalSeparate diff to index from diff --cachedCristian Tibirna2012-09-21 11:31


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