From 2013-03-24 to 2013-04-22


13:04 Bug #33 (New): Resize log view columns on startup, to fit the optimal size of contents
Today's behavior, that makes the description column not wide enough and the author or date column way too large, is h... Cristian Tibirna
13:01 Feature #32 (New): Compress display of too large tags or branches
Size of labels for branches and tags should be limited to a maximum and expandable on request.
When many branches+...
Cristian Tibirna
12:57 Feature #31 (New): Show SHA and contents of annotated tags
Messages in annotated tags can be useful. They also have meaningful SHAs. Cristian Tibirna


15:10 Bug #30 (New): typing 'G' repeatedly crashes QGit compiled with Qt5
How to reproduce:
* have QGit compiled (with Qt5) from the "compile_with_Qt5"
* open the qgit git repo
* click on ...
Cristian Tibirna

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