From 2012-08-23 to 2012-09-21


10:48 Bug #10: Unnecessary deep tree display
Previous git repo example got lost in an update of redmine. Here's another one. Cristian Tibirna
09:58 Feature #29 (New): Dans la fenêtre montrant un commit les icônes "up_diff" et "down_diff" cachent...
Eric Chamberland
21:49 Bug #20 (Resolved): Line numbers in file annotation are not in sync with the actual lines.
Fixed with commit:6e4ce58e3. Thanks again for reporting, sorry for the long delay. Cristian Tibirna
21:43 Bug #4 (In Progress): Cleanup code formatting, split classes one per file
FileHistory class went into its own files.
Git class methods definitions are now all in the git.cpp file.
Cristian Tibirna

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