• 2D Curve fitter

    “Son of nnfit”: 2D data fitting to predefined models and regression computation. With neural-nets training (see NNFit).

  • Chemical formula editor

    Look for existing formula editors or write a new one if choices are inappropriate.

  • eqonomize

    Continuation of the nice eqonomize checkbook balancer by Hanna K.

  • qgit

    Revival of qgit, a git viewer created by Marco Costalba.

  • Recording source checker

    Is that sparkling 24bit FLAC file I just bought from really a simple recompression of studio master recording source? Or is it an “up yours” mp3 upsampling worth 1/3 of the paid price?

    This project will have to produce a checker able to answer that question....

Also available in: Atom