qgit-2.6 released

Version 2.6 of the great qgit tool just jumped out
Added by Cristian Tibirna over 1 year ago

Thanks to friendly pressure from Luigi Toscano (hi, Luigi!), I finally decided to move my sorry self a bit and release the 2.6 version of qgit.

I decided to make compilation with Qt5 the default, since it is now OK and since all pending issues (e.g. strange lack of refresh on first load) seem to be fixed thanks to improvements in the latest Qt5 libraries.

Many thanks to contributors Gregor Mi, Daniel Levin, and Luigi Toscano.

The latest version is now available from the official git repository (master branch). (NOTE: those who followed the old “compile_with_qt5” branch, please use “master” now).

Get the latest version from the repository or from this local copy (MD5 check: a2778d09b19f2036259607c8db125b3a).

Happy gittin’, everyone.

qgit-2.6.tar.gz (247 KB) Cristian Tibirna, 2016-03-19 18:58


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