Bug #47

"Amend Commit" incorrectly adds some garbage to the commit message

Added by ralfj ralfj 8 months ago.

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“Amend Commit” incorrectly adds some garbage to the commit message. This can be reproduced as follows:
1. Go to some git repo with a local change
2. Choose “Edit” - “Amend Commit”
3. Don’t touch the commit message, just hit “Ammend”

Now check the new commit message. It is not the same as the old one, instead “on branch <name>” and
some file information has been added.
The reason seems to be that qgit does not correctly process the suggested message it gets from git,
removing too many “#”. When I use git on the CLI, the lines that qgit adds start with a “#” and
are hence ignored by git.

This is a regression, in earlier versions of git + qgit (like, a couple years ago or so), things worked
all right.

In case the locale is relevant here:
$ env | grep -e LANG -e LC_

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