Bug #44

Filenames sporting utf-8 characters are not displayed correctly

Added by Michael Gerdau 10 months ago. Updated about 1 month ago.

Status:NewStart date:2017-04-18
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Description: Filenames sporting utf-8 characters are not displayed correctly. E.g. a file named (without the '“') “Abendstille-überall.ly” is displayed as “Abendstille-\303\274berall.ly”. UTF-8 is the selected character set whereever it can be configured in qgit, i.e. Settings, “General” tab field “Text codec” as well as in “Git config” tab Parameter “i18n > commitencoding” are all set to UTF-8.

Additional info:
  • package version(s): at least since 2.5; it definitely is in the current 2.7
Steps to reproduce:
  • the default encoding of the filesystem is UTF-8
  • in a git repository viewed with qgit create a file with utf-8 characters in the name
  • add this file to the git repo
  • look at the filename in the Git tree pane of qgit → utf-8 characters are escaped like in the example above.


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