Bug #42

Key bindings on diff page don't work anymore

Added by Urs Joss almost 2 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:2016-05-20
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In version 2.6 (on arch linux (qgit-2.6-1)), I cannot use shortcuts to navigate the diff pane

  • space, u, d, delete, backspace

More shortcuts that don’t seem to know (but I haven’t been using frequently or at all in <2.6):

  • Home/End to go to first/last revision
  • CTRL-+/- for adjusting the font size

While scrolling by mouse works, qgit is still usable. However, fast convenient navigation with keyboard only is quite impaired.

Thanks for taking care of that.

What works:

  • n/k, i to navigate in the revision list
  • t to toggle the tree view
  • s to split the secondary panes
  • h to toggle the view of the split header

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