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Sort right-click context menu alphabetically

Added by Chris OBryan about 6 years ago. Updated about 6 years ago.

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It can be difficult to locate the correct branch or tag in the right-click context menu, since it is sorted by loading order and not alphabetically. To make this easier, I added an option to the right-click menu to toggle between sorting these lists alphabetically or by load order.

Please take a look at the patch to see if it looks correct. I mostly copied from the 'Check Working Dir’ option, since I have no experience with Qt to know how to do these things properly

AddSortCtxItem.patch Magnifier - Patch to add 'Sort Alphabetically' option to the right-click context menu (7.84 KB) Chris OBryan, 2011-12-20 14:47

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Revision 66f293cb
Added by Pavel Tikhomirov about 6 years ago

refs #18 Create tag fix


#1 Updated by Cristian Tibirna about 6 years ago

Thanks Chris. I understand the problem and your solution. The only issue I see with this is an UI usability one. In order to reorder the menu, one has to check on the checkable menu item you added, which makes the menu dissapear and the user has to raise it a second time.

I have in the work a version of qgit that presents all branches in a sidebar and they will be sortable. Let’s keep this patch around. If I don’t manage to finish the sidebar until the next time I do a release, we will apply it.


#2 Updated by Chris OBryan about 6 years ago

That’s understandable. Thanks for looking at it, looking forward to your next release!

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